Eating Disorders, Orthorexia and Aging

When we think of eating disorders, we so often imagine someone who is younger and struggling. After all, aren’t we supposed to have our lives completely figured out by the age of 35?! (spoiler alert: no)

Meg Bradbury joined us in this Dietitians Unplugged podcast episode to discuss her experience of having an eating disorder and orthorexia as an older person.

Meg Bradbury is a Certified Body Trust Provider®, anti-diet nutritionist, Accessible Yoga® Teacher, and registered Yoga Alliance yoga and meditation teacher. Meg is in private practice working with individuals, groups, and families, advocating for body acceptance, eating disorder/disordered eating/body shame recovery, freedom with food, joyful movement, and stillness/breathwork. She also co-leads the Elderqueer project, an online gathering space for 40+ queers to connect and build community through conversations about aging in body, relationships, emotions, transitions, trust, and cultural relevance. Meg’s practice is fat positive, weight neutral, and LGBTQIA+ affirming.

Episode 76 – Eating Disorders, Orthorexia and Aging with Meg Bradbury

In this episode, we discussed:

  • Meg’s experience of developing an eating disorder
  • What is orthorexia, and how it took over her life
  • Why orthorexia has become so pervasive in our culture
  • The effects of aging on eating disorders
  • The tyranny of the anti-aging industrial complex
  • Using breath and yoga to connect with the body

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