Work With Me

I see clients virtually to help them feel great about eating and self-care.

Are you tired of feeling controlled by food, weight obsession, and body shame?

Have you been on diet after diet only to end up at a higher weight in the long run?

Have you been diagnosed with diabetes, PCOS, or other metabolic health condition and been told to “just lose weight…” except you’ve already tried that and the weight loss just didn’t stick?

Do you feel like you wish you knew how to eat “normally” and joyfully in a way that supports your health, but have no idea how to get there?

I can help you.

I will work with you to help you build a healthy, enjoyable, and sustainable relationship to food. You’ll learn to honor the wisdom of your body’s internal regulation to guide your eating.

We’ll focus on your values to help you make positive self-care changes from a place of permission, compassion, and mindfulness.

This is not a weight loss or diet plan.

I practice the philosophy of Health at Every Size® and work with non-diet eating models such as Intuitive Eating. Because weight outcomes cannot be predicted and are not necessarily an indicator of health, I focus instead on helping you develop life-enhancing self-care practices.

My programs are highly individualized and collaborative and will be tailored to you to help you move away from diet mentality and disordered eating, and toward food freedom and body peace.

While I don’t work with weight loss as a goal, I do understand you may be unhappy with your weight. Weight stigma in society is real. I welcome all your feelings about this, and we can work on strategies that will help you feel better about and care for the body you have today.

Who I work with

I work with committed individuals to help them heal from binge eating disorder, overeating and emotional eating, feelings of “food addiction,” chronic dieting and weight cycling, and metabolic conditions such as diabetes, PCOS, and hypertension.

Glenys’ Work Hours

I see clients from Monday to Thursday, between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm Pacific Time. I do not have any evening appointments at this time.

Do you take Insurance?

Please note that I do not take insurance and am not in network for any major insurance company. Depending on your state, I can provide super bills that you may submit to your insurance provider if you have coverage for nutrition counseling. The CPT codes I use are 97802 (initial assessment) and 97803 (follow-up assessment), and diagnosis code will depend on your situation. I recommend you contact your insurance company to check if you have tele-health benefits in addition to MNT benefits. Some insurance companies are changing policies due to COVID-19. 

Ready to talk?

See what clients are saying about working with Glenys:

Glenys changed everything for me. Before I started working with her I had tried just about every diet under the sun, and had either been actively trying to lose weight or agonizing over that I was being “bad” while vowing to “get back on track” soon for as long as I can remember. I’d been bulimic as a teen and continued to be obsessed with getting smaller for my whole life before starting this work. I was steadily gaining back twice as much weight as I lost, and spending countless hours obsessing over my weight and measurements. I tried prescription drugs that were basically just speed to treat “binge-eating,” which only resulted in a more extreme version of the lose and gain cycles. I’d been in therapy for years, which helped a lot on other things but never made this issue better. I’d cry myself to sleep terrified I was going to eat myself to death because no matter what I tried to do, I just gained more weight and it was all I ever thought about.

Working with Glenys was like lifting a veil from my eyes. She helped me realize there was nothing “wrong” with me. She helped me break out of the diet cycle and opened me up to the idea that I could be happy and healthy without losing weight. I went from weighing myself multiple times a day to throwing out my scale and declining to be weighed at the doctor (didn’t know I could do that before Glenys!). I went from obsessing over food constantly and perpetual restrict-and-binge cycles, to regularly eating foods that I like in a way that doesn’t dominate my life. I was afraid that without “rules” all I would ever eat was macaroni and cheese and oreos and never touch a vegetable again. It turns out that once I started practicing intuitive eating and ditching any restrictions whatsoever, I actually crave vegetables pretty regularly (who knew?!). And I don’t think of macaroni and cheese and oreos as having any moral meaning anymore, they are just foods that I eat sometimes because I like them.

It was hard work but so was what I had been doing before. And I am just SO MUCH HAPPIER now. I can’t recommend working with Glenys enough. If you’re on the fence I’d say just give it a try. It could change everything for you too. -Candace

Before working with Glenys I wasn’t eating enough and would get irritated when I got hungry.  I didn’t understand the difference between a snack and a meal or recognize my hunger cues as a result of years of bouncing on and off diets and restricting my intake. With endless compassion, Glenys helped me understand what my body needed and that it’s OK to eat, that my body and mind are happy and function well when I’m feeding them foods I enjoy regularly.  As I tried tools Glenys and I discussed during our sessions, I started feeling better.  When my old food norms came up, Glenys asked great questions to get to the root and help me find a new way that works for me.  I was eating a snack with my coffee and then a bigger meal a few hours later and she said, “You’re just switching your snack and meal and that’s OK.”  That’s OK!  I love it.  Invest the time and money in yourself and work with Glenys – you’re worth it! -SW

I think Glenys’ job description should be “Dietitian/Sherlock Holmes”!!! She obviously knows what she is talking about, but is also very talented in investigating and solving some mysteries in our complex and often perplexing relationships with food and body.

What a confused relationship I had with food. It had been improving since I discovered Intuitive Eating, but I still had a lot of misunderstandings and confusion around some of the concepts. Glenys helped me shed light on the grey, confusing, unseen blockages and issues. I feel so much more clarity and peace…and the bonus was the warmth, solar energy, and humor which helped me feel completely safe to share and dare to approach dark topics. I think the biggest thing I take away from our work together is the peace and the trust that it will be okay.

What I was going to eat consumed my thoughts, and basically the first half of my workday, every day. I had tons of competing food rules in my head from years of diets, periods of extreme restriction, and negative body image.  After two years of intense exercise focused on shrinking myself, I was exhausted and miserable. I felt like I had failed something important i.e. staying thin. Glenys helped me get back to feeding myself regularly and without anxiety. I can actually feel my body’s cues now and make food decisions without doing mental math about how it will impact my body size. I’m able to go about my day without falling into a shame spiral about how I look. So much mental clutter has been cleared away.

Overall, I have a better understanding of my health because I don’t immediately attribute every symptom to my body size or diet. Glenys helped me clear away some huge obstacles so that I feel ready to pursue other goals, both personally and professionally.

If you are struggling with food or body image, working with Glenys can help you make space in your life for things that are actually important to you. You’re investing in a lot more than “just” food and body issues. She is knowledgeable, thoughtful, and easy to connect with. – Emma

I wanted to thank you for all you have done to help me in this journey. I was just contemplating weighing myself and thought ‘why it doesn’t matter what I weigh. If you want to worry worry about how you feel.’ It feels good to be getting stronger. You are so special and I appreciate you!” -Amy

Before working with Glenys, I had been through years of eating disorder and treatments that helped me regain some health. I learned about HAES and Intuitive Eating through reading and online supports and felt better. When I developed diabetes, I struggled with the recommendations made by my medical team which I thought went against what I needed to do maintain some sanity around food. I began to experience disordered eating again which was affecting my blood sugar. I knew I need to find help from someone who was committed to and knowledgeable about HAES, Intuitive Eating, Eating Disorders and Diabetes. After listening to podcasts and participating in her group about HAES for Diabetes, I decided to seek out individual support online with Glenys.

Glenys was instrumental in helping me trust myself again around eating. I was frustrated and tired of trying to work with professionals who didn’t know about HAES or Intuitive Eating. After giving her some history, we agreed to work together. She was never judgmental or directive. Instead, she would ask what I wanted to work on. Then, she shared what she knew, both from research and from her experience working with others. Together, we made a plan for what I would observe, think about or try to change until we met again. I already knew a lot about myself and HAES but needed to feel confident about being able to eat intuitively and control my blood sugar. I trusted Glenys to gently guide me when I was heading back into thinking and eating that was based in diet culture and disordered eating. We worked at my pace and figured out what would work for me. Now, I can trust myself to eat intuitively most of the time and to be gentle with myself when I don’t. I work together with my medical providers with confidence about what I need from them and with knowledge about what I can do behaviorally to support my health. Glenys helped me work through some entrenched thinking and feeling from my disordered eating days and how that was influencing my decisions about what and how to eat. I’m more aware of those thoughts now and can often set them aside. I encourage anyone who is able, to give themselves this gift of working with Glenys.  It was just what I needed when my health was at risk. It can feel scary to reach out, but you can find the support you need here.” -Lynn

“I just wanted to thank you for your work with me. You legit changed my life in so many wonderful ways I didn’t think were possible. No more binge eating, rocking bikinis, no more guilt and anxiety around food, practicing acceptance as I ease back into fitness after my injury, on and on. Mostly I feel a sense of peace and empowerment that is carrying over into so many areas of my life.”  -Linda

Group coaching clients:

I am in recovery from binge eating but at one point, my eating patterns started to resemble a diet. I knew diets didn’t work and I needed a balanced approach to eating. This is exactly what the course gave me. I now have the tools to put food in its proper place while enjoying it to its fullest. -Briana

This course was perfect for me! The daily emails introduced small incremental changes that built my eating awareness without being overwhelming. The coaching calls were a great opportunity to ask questions and learn from others’ experiences. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to ditch dieting and learn to listen to body cues! -K.C.

The first thing I loved about the course is that it was very well put together and I could tell a lot of time and thought had been put into the progression and format. It made sense.  When it comes to courses and educational programs, being a teacher has given me high expectations and a good sense for when something has been crafted and well thought out. As far as this course was concerned, I was completely impressed!

I really liked the idea of taking little steps towards change and then allowing it to become second nature, and I have certainly found these changes have filtered through to become second nature as promised. But also, taking smaller steps was much less overwhelming than some of the other material I’ve come across, while still being as profound and personally impacting.

As far as value for money, this course was outstanding. I’ve needed something like this for a while, as I’ve felt stuck in a rut with this process in recent times, and this was the first time I had come across a course that was accessible to me financially. Thank you for making this possible! -E.C.

“I just finished the Dare to Eat online program with Glenys and I loved it! She takes great care in orientating the ex-dieter so they can begin to eat with less guilt and more ease and flow. This course isn’t just about the food though. Glenys also addresses the importance of doing the body image work along with developing a solid intuitive eating practice and provides thought provoking exercises to help shift the negative thought patterns that so many people struggle to overcome. I literally looked forward to checking my email daily to see what she had in store for me that day! Her approach is light but very educational and effective. I would recommend this course for anyone who is struggling in their relationship with their food and body image. She provides excellent tools so you can begin your non-diet journey with more confidence and ease.”
-Michelle Viña-Baltsas – Weight Neutral Wellness Coach & Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

This course really helped me personalize intuitive eating and I looked forward to the emails every day. I feel that I’ve come a long way from when I started 28 days ago and I have new tools to use to further my journey…All in all, this was a beautifully crafted course and I would highly recommend it! – 2018 participant

I loved what you wrote about body image and dieting – it really resonated with me. I re-read your emails when I started to feel panicky about putting on weight, or considering dumping this whole idea and finding another diet. Also, I really enjoyed the journaling, and would have liked more writing exercises – I found that while I was writing, things came up in an unexpected way. Thanks Glenys – by the way I love your podcast as well 🙂 – 2018 participant

Top notch program! This was a very interesting course — it made me stop and think about eating issues that I hadn’t considered before. The exercises were easy to incorporate into my daily life. I feel very confident that I can continue on with them and the other lessons that I learned. Highly recommend this course to anyone looking to stop their endless cycle of dieting and learn to embrace their true self. -M.P

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