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    (very) small virtual Group coaching:
    peaceful eating jumpstart

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    This group is ideal for people who

    ⚡ identify as overeaters, binge eaters, mindless eaters, or emotional eaters

    ⚡ feel chaotic in their eating

    ⚡ struggle to sense and honor hunger and fullness cues

    ⚡ experience a lot of guilt with many different foods (but still eat those foods anyway)

    ⚡ wish they could just feel good about eating and have food stop being such a big deal

    ⚡ know they need some sort of guidance but aren't ready for 1:1 coaching yet

    Peaceful Eating JumpStart

    Start date: Tuesday September 6, 2022
    Time: 5pm PT/7pm CT/8 pm ET
    Sessions are 75 minutes

    Break away from chaotic eating and move towards eating in a way that feels physically and emotionally good for you without dieting with this supportive group.

    In The Peaceful Eating Jumpstart, you will learn skills that will help you:

    ⚡ Reduce overeating, emotional eating and other chaotic eating

    ⚡ Address the guilt and shame that is driving disordered eating

    ⚡ Normalize all foods so that you can make choices that feel good both emotionally and physically

    ⚡ Begin to recognize hunger and fullness cues so eventually they become the primary drivers of eating

    ⚡ See food as a source of pleasure and enjoyment

    This is 100% not a weight loss-focused plan. Instead, group members should be ready to challenge dieting behaviors. This program includes homework and skill building exercises that will help you move your eating to a better place!

    Group size is very small, with 6 people per group, so that each member gets enough help in each session. Each group will include a lesson and time for discussion and coaching. 

    6 sessions, held every other week.

    The Peaceful Eating Jumpstart
    Program Can help!

    registration is now closed for 2022

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      the peaceful eating jumpstart

      It’s not an exaggeration to say that this group has brought peace to my life and chipped away at the long-standing shame I was feeling about myself. Even if you have a long history of disordered eating like I do, it is not too late to get help. I’ve tried individual counseling in the past, but this combination of group work and evidenced-based information has gone the farthest toward healing for me. 

      Food used to make me feel very guilty. I measured my day by how much or little I ate that day. I felt undeserving of food. I have been on many diets but nothing worked long term. This group really helped me in that I don't feel ashamed to eat. Glenys did a great job of making sure everyone had a chance to speak and I like that she didn't end just because the clock hit a certain time. It made me feel valued and heard.

      I believe this was life changing. I was on so many different [weight loss] programs – I can’t remember them all! I never realized how much weight loss information was always coming at me. Now, I’m just not thinking about food all the time and not worrying about points. When I deleted my WW app I thought I’d panic but it was a relief. I think this program is unique and makes you think in a new light!

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      "I can honestly say that I have achieved a peace with my body I never thought attainable. I go to sleep at night feeling satisfied instead of sick from overeating because I’m anticipating new diet restrictions the following morning. I don’t record time in terms of expected weight loss, and I don’t worry that I’ll fail and dread yet another social event because I haven’t reached my goal weight. Now I focus on the idea that my body is the least interesting thing about me. I invest in this. Because of the work I’ve done with Glenys, I have the tools to live this."


      "I went from obsessing over food constantly and perpetual restrict-and-binge cycles, to regularly eating foods that I like in a way that doesn’t dominate my life. I was afraid that without 'rules' all I would ever eat was macaroni and cheese and Oreos and never touch a vegetable again. It turns out that once I started practicing intuitive eating and ditching any restrictions whatsoever, I actually crave vegetables pretty regularly (who knew?!)… And I am just SO MUCH HAPPIER now."


      "I just wanted to thank you for your work with me. You legit changed my life in so many wonderful ways I didn’t think were possible. No more binge eating; rocking bikinis; no more guilt and anxiety around food; practicing acceptance as I ease back into fitness; on and on. Mostly I feel a sense of peace and empowerment that is carrying over into so many areas of my life."


      “I think Glenys’ job description should be 'Dietitian/Sherlock Holmes!' She’s very talented in investigating and solving some mysteries in our complex and often perplexing relationships with food and body. What a confused relationship I had with food. Glenys helped me shed light on the grey, confusing, unseen blockages and issues. I feel so much more clarity and peace…and the bonus was the warmth, solar energy, and humor which helped me feel completely safe to share and dare to approach dark topics. I think the biggest thing I take away from our work together is the peace and the trust that it will be okay.”


      “What I was going to eat consumed my thoughts the first half of my workday, every day. I had tons of competing food rules in my head from years of diets, periods of extreme restriction, and negative body image. Glenys helped me get back to feeding myself regularly and without anxiety. I can actually feel my body’s cues now and make food decisions without doing mental math about how it will impact my body size. I’m able to go about my day without falling into a shame spiral about how I look. Glenys helped me clear away some huge obstacles so that I feel ready to pursue other goals, both personally and professionally. If you are struggling with food or body image, working with Glenys can help you make space in your life for things that are actually important to you. You’re investing in a lot more than ‘just’ food and body issues. She is knowledgeable, thoughtful, and easy to connect with.”


      “I wanted to thank you for all you have done to help me in this journey. I was just contemplating weighing myself and thought, ‘It doesn’t matter what I weigh. If you want to worry, worry about how you feel.’ It feels good to be getting stronger. You are so special and I appreciate you!”


      “Before working with Glenys, I didn’t understand the difference between a snack and a meal or recognize my hunger cues as a result of years of bouncing on and off diets and restricting my intake. With endless compassion, Glenys helped me understand what my body needed and that it’s okay to eat, that my body and mind are happy and function well when I’m feeding them foods I enjoy regularly. As I tried the tools Glenys and I discussed during our sessions, I started feeling better. When my old food norms came up, Glenys asked great questions to get to the root and help me find a new way that works for me. I love it. Invest the time and money in yourself and work with Glenys – you’re worth it!”

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