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Emotional eating might not actually be the problem with your eating.

Is Emotional Eating a Real Thing?


Dieting is not really about health, and we all know it.

Dieting is NOT Self-care


When I was dieting, I had little time for anything else but thoughts of food and exercise: what I could eat, what I couldn’t, when could I eat again, and what would fit into my days’ “points” allowance; when I would exercise, how I didn’t want to but had to, and how many calories I […]

Stop Dieting, Start Living


Sometimes we use our bodies as a proxy for what’s really wrong. But our bodies aren’t the problem, and we’re not fixing anything with dieting…

Dieting as a Distraction


Do you feel like you’re a food addict? Do you spend all your time avoiding foods you feel crazy around? Maybe it’s not the food after all…

Is Food Addiction a Real Thing?


Aaron and I got to interview one of my fat-activist heroes recently, Virgie Tovar. Virgie drops some serious knowledge on us about fat phobia, sexism, dieting and fighting a toxic culture. Oh and Babecamp! She is way fun and I’m addicted to her laugh. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did making […]

Dietitians Unplugged: Virgie Tovar is a Fierce Fat Babe


I never forgot to eat anything until I stopped dieting for good…

I Forgot to Eat the Damn Cake


I was sick at home a few weeks ago and my appetite (along with my energy, my throat and my good humor) was shot. I didn’t feel like eating anything in particular, but I was still hungry and I knew I needed to put something on my stomach. I did what any sick person with […]

The ABCs of Weight Loss

Pacman eating dots


Join us as we explore the idea of health and wellness from a new perspective. Each episode we will discuss topics that we hope to help you improve your health, body image and fitness without obsessing on the scale or counting calories. We believe in Health at Every Size®, Intuitive Eating, and body positivity and we want to help you build the confidence to ditch the scale, and embrace your health without shaming your body.

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