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Is There a Fat Human Biome?

  1. Suzanna says:

    I am reading the Aamodt book & it is great. I didn’t take the antibiotic message the way you’re concerned about but I never thought the antivaccer’s were sane either. I got a lot of antibiotics as a kid for nonbacterial stuff so I took it to be aimed at the misuse of antibiotics for viral colds & stuff. And she goes into the numerous reasons dieting makes us gain more weight than we ever would have if we never dieted. I am reading it to reinforce my commitment to kick my deeply ingrained diet mentality & work thru the fear of my angry emotions without food as my only way to cope.

    • GlenysO says:

      That’s good that the book is more reasonable in its approach to the antibiotics. Often it is the media outlet that gets it all wrong in the reporting, which is why I made the distinction between what the article said and what I hope the book will say. And yes, I 100% agree kids of my generation were definitely given antibiotics needlessly for colds, sore throats, etc. but I sense that doctors are a bit more conservative in their approach to prescribing them now given what we all know about drug resistance. Thanks for commenting!

  2. The gut seems to be the new frontier….it’ll tell us a lot that we didn’t know. We’re just starting to scratch the surface with learning how damaging sugar is….

    That said – we need to READ and RESEARCH before we REACT. (Which was your point about the 180 on the antibiotics.) A lot of folks REACT without doing the RESEARCH or READING. That results in chaos…and some misguided Facebook posts. 🙂

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