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Not *My* SELF

  1. Wow, how inspirational! Definitely going to start questioning magazines like this and taking action. Let us know when you get a response.

    • GlenysO says:

      We may be waiting a long time. LOL. But I still think this kind of vocal activism is necessary if we want to see change. Oh and voting with our dollars.

  2. Perfect…I hope you actually sent this 🙂

  3. Amy says:

    Glenys, this just confirms that you are one bada** lady boss of HAES and non-diet/weight neutral nutrition. You and Aaron have been central to me healing my relationship with my body, dusting off my Accredited Practicing Dietitian status and heading back into the fight this year. I hope you know just how many people you are inspiring all over the world. It is simply unacceptable in a world where women still don’t have equal pay and equal body rights that ‘women’s magazines’ are trying to keep us small, quiet, and compliant with arbitrary beauty standards rather than leading a rallying cry for true equality.
    You Go you Nasty Lady 🙂

    • GlenysO says:

      Awww thank you SO much! Hearing that really makes me feel great! Glad you’re joining into the non-diet world – we need you!!

  4. Thank you for writing this letter. I subscribe to FabUplus thanks to you. Also, it breaks my heart that Oprah once said he biggest accomplishment in life (life!) was to lose weight. I’m not sure how the most revered black woman in the U.S. sees fat cells as a tool to power. Shame on her, but more so shame on the media and diet industry for supporting her when she reiterates their message.

    • GlenysO says:

      Yeah, it just always makes me so sad for her. She’s rich beyond most people’s dreams, she’s accomplished SO much, she’s so revered…but somehow being fat is holding her back? Or diminishing those accomplishments. That’s when I realized what a messed up world we’re living in.

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