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Dietitians Unplugged Podcast – Episode 6: Clean Eating or Toxic Ideas?

  1. kellbrigan says:

    Re. 20 minutes in — the parents, if they really have “lost” weight (i.e. are not lying or exaggerating), then they are very likely moving into their refeeding phase and/or feeling the effects of protein harvesting on their bodies as their body struggles to return to its normal setpoint. If they don’t practice greater and greater degrees of food restriction, they will return to their normal fat weight, even if they don’t give in to the incredible urge to refeed through binging. The starvation studies after World War II, and studies of involuntarily starving people throughout the world tell us that starving people are mentally ill people. That’s why “clean eaters” are obsessive, bigotted and obnoxious. (Try being a fat person with one of them as a supervisor!) These parents are dangerous. Their kids are at They’re also putting themselves at great risk of heart disease and liver damage, but, hey, anything to be thin and healthy, right?

    • GlenysO says:

      Yes, in all likelihood any weight loss will eventually be put back on unless, as you said, they manage greater and greater restriction. And even if they manage to keep the weight off, at what cost to their children’s psyche? I think it’s a natural replacement for dieting because since restricting simply for weight loss doesn’t work long term, people now convince themselves that food is literally poison so they won’t eat it. Very sad. Thanks for listening!

  2. Emma Train says:

    Reblogged this on In Your Face Nutrition and commented:
    I think everyone should listen to this, they’re breaking down clean eating and it’s awesome!

  3. If that sign were true, I’d be dead.

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