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I’m Hungry…So My Body Must Be Broken

  1. Michaela Forder says:

    Fabulous. Great article. Should be out there everywhere. It’s time to get back in touch with our bodies and learn to trust them again. I am an ex dietitian who came across Health at Every Size through talk by Lucy Aphramor. Also got training in Health at Every Size through Lucy. I would love to get the message out there too. Just not sure how.. Suffer from depression and is holding me back…. Hope one day I can do more again! Thanks for your work and messages. Love reading them! Michaela

    • GlenysO says:

      Thanks for reading! Feel free to share on Facebook if you’re on there – it’s the best way to get HAES messages around 🙂

  2. jodietitian says:

    As a dietitian who has worked with people with weight and eating issues for a few decades, it amazes me how many people just do not trust their hunger, and/or are not at all in touch with what it takes to feel satisfied. The guilt over food choices, or just eating a normal meal is sad. Funny how less important food becomes when people stop thinking about it and start listening instead. Love this post, such a simple concept for people without issues, but for those who have dieted for years, I am hoping it is a wake up call.

  3. jodietitian says:

    Reblogged this on Joanne Arena MS, RD and commented:
    Great reminder of how important it is to trust your body…..and your hunger

  4. Elizabeth says:

    It is indeed important to listen to your hunger and eat when you are hungry. But the bigger problem is that most of us eat when we are NOT hungry. We would all be much healthier if we ate when we were hungry. Didn’t eat when we weren’t hungry and got up off the couch and moved more. Not saying it’s easy but it’s the truth!

    • GlenysO says:

      What is your evidence that most people eat when not hungry? I agree, people do do this, although I think we don’t know the degree or frequency enough to make a blanket statement. It’s been my clinical experience that people, even non-dieters, frequently ignore hunger to the point that they no longer even receive the signals – and often this will lead to overeating at a later point without them even realizing why they did it. I agree that it’s important to pay attention to both signals – hungry and satiated – and intuitive eating addresses both of these very well.

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