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The NWCR and Weight Loss Maintenance “Success”

  1. It seems like instead of encouraging or celebrating — which I would assume the NWCR is for?? — that it’s actually a fat-shaming site designed to point out the failures of all the fat people who can’t just control themselves (or whatever garbage people are saying about fat folks at this particular moment).

  2. In order to maintain weight loss, you essentially have to sustain the vigilance of dieting. Every day, every bite, forever and ever and ever.

    Maddening…and difficult to sustain (hello, Captain Understatement.)

  3. amommasview says:

    That’s very interesting… I agree with the above comment: It seems more like a fat shaming thing than a support. I also think that you need to keep it off for more than a year and that it has a lot to do with discipline. It’s actually what healthy eating is all about, isn’t it: discipline!

  4. GlenysO says:

    Most people would love to keep lost weight off for more than a year but the statistics strongly suggest that most people regain and it doesn’t have much to do with discipline or willpower. The body has many mechanisms that fight against weight loss. I feel that healthy eating sans the restriction that is typically needed for weight loss is actually quite doable – it’s more about providing regular meals than restriction.

  5. Eva says:

    Thank you for this awesome post. I just found your work through your interview on one of my favorite podcasts with Summer Innanen 🙂 I love you blog, and can’t wait to check out your podcast!!

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