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The Verdict Is In: The BMI is a Poor Predictor of Health

  1. I agree that the BMI is a poor predictor, but it is usually used along side other measurements, such as waist circumference, so I think that makes it more accurate. I think personal judgement is also a good way to think of it, I mean if someone is an athlete with really high muscle mass, their BMI might be through the roof but if we use judgement, it is obvious they are healthy!

    • GlenysO says:

      Believe it or not, I have worked in health care for the last two and a half years and I have yet to come across any doctor or dietitian who has a measuring tape or who takes waist circumference at patient appointments. More often than not, BMI is THE diagnostic go-to at appointments. This has even been my personal experience with doctors – they are not using waste circumference at all (never mind that I have my own issues around that tool as well, but at least there is more evidence for it).

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