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When Intuitive Eating Becomes a Rule, Not a Tool

  1. I will eat a piece chocolate cake for you tonight.

  2. chemit1 says:

    I totally agree with you. Initially I would just eat until I was no longer hungry, I still binged occasionally though. I wasn’t restricting any foods, I ate whatever I wanted but as soon as hunger was gone I made myself stop. Eventually I started eating until I was satisfied, physically and mentally. Like you said, sometimes you eat a big yummy meal but there there are cupcakes and you need to have one to be satisfied mentally 🙂

    • GlenysO says:

      Yes! There are definitely different levels of “satisfied” on different days! Some days it’s “no longer hungry” and sometimes it’s “full tummy!”

  3. chemit1 says:

    Hi Glenys! I just nominated you for the Liebster award on my blog! I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog, its great to see other people fighting back against the discorded eating plaguing our culture! 🙂

  4. So glad you commented on my recent post because now I’ve found your blog! Love your message and your writing–this article in particular. I’ve scheduled it to be shared on my Intuitive Eating Facebook Page.

    We have a BED/Intuitive Eating Group on Facebook for Libero Network (do you know about Libero Network? It’s the nonprofit I run and you may find it interesting… anyways I would love for you to join the group and contribute to the community by sharing your blogs and other tidbits! Here’s the link if you’re interested:


    • GlenysO says:

      Thanks for all the info Lauren – I have joined all your communities! I did not know about the Libero Network, I would love to be a part of anything related to the non-diet message – it really is my life’s goal to help smash the dieting industry and help people to embrace and love their bodies without needing to change them. Thanks for subscribing and I hope you find my blog useful!

  5. Really enjoying your blog!

  6. […] “sit and chew your food slowly.” No “tricks,” just permission. If you find yourself making rules about how much to eat that don’t involve how much you actually want to eat, always try to […]

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