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Inside This Overweight Woman…

  1. sue says:

    I wonder if she is in it mainly for the money. There is still too much of a weight loss message in WW and in her ad for her to pretend that it truly is simply health that she is after. She may not even believe the message that she gives out in the ads. She is a very bright woman and a brilliant businesswoman. She has to see the reality & incongruity of this all.

  2. jodietitian says:

    Thank you for this,you nailed it. I was so disappointed (to put it mildly) when I saw that commercial, your words are inspiring and right on target. It is absolutely unbelievable to me that such a brilliant woman with all the resources in the world has not gotten it yet. It goes to show you the power this has over so many….

  3. Kathy Robertson says:

    No way she even can begin to speak to anyone attempting to get healthy and/or lose weight anyway with all the resources she has. Not hard if you have an army of minions at your feet.

    • GlenysO says:

      And even with Oprah’s myriad of resources – it’s been hard for her. That’s the annoying part. Oprah, you’ve had the best weight loss resources available and still you have not been able to “win” at weight loss permanently. What does that tell her?

  4. Ugh. The current WW campaign doing the rounds here in Australia is “Live Bigger” and then after it in smaller print “in a smaller, healthier body”

    • GlenysO says:

      Ugh! Terrible! They should just say “Live Hungrier” and in small print “because you know you will be.” Honesty in advertising!

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