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Think those shame-based fat/food memes are funny and harmless? I don’t, and here’s why.

Fat/Food Memes: Just Say No


Have you been struggling to get to the weight you think you should be?

The Weight You’re Supposed to Be

Body Image

Recently a new study was published on something most of us have known for quite some time: the BMI is not an accurate or reliable predictor of health. But here’s what the latest evidence reviewing the effectiveness of BMI in diagnosing ill health found: it grossly overestimates the number of “unhealthy” people whose BMIs are […]

The Verdict Is In: The BMI is a Poor Predictor of Health


As a dietitian who believes in non-diet, non-weight focused nutrition, I often find myself explaining my position on intentional weight loss to casual acquaintances who always want to talk to me about weight loss. It usually starts out with someone else bringing up the topic after they have discovered I am a dietitian (there is […]

Congratulations, You Just Cured Obesity


Welcome to the Dietitians Unplugged Podcast! Join us as my friend and colleague Aaron Flores, RDN and I shoot the breeze about Health at Every Size®, Intuitive Eating and body positivity!

Dietitians Unplugged Podcast – Episode 1


Traci Mann, PhD and professor at the University of Minnesota (and co-author of several of the papers listed on my Scientific Lit page), was featured recently in this LA Times article talking about why we should give up dieting. I’m pretty excited, as you can imagine, anytime a like-minded professional gets some serious traction in […]

What’s Your Leanest Livable Weight?

By Orcunkoktuna (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


I’ll admit I’m a little behind on new diet fads. I just heard about a “new” one which has been around for about a year now. The book I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson (no link here due to selling of weight loss) debuted last year but appears to be finally gaining some real momentum […]

I Quit Quitting Sugar


It’s not a diet Maybe you’re a dieter who wants to give up restrictive eating because you just…can’t…do it…anymore. Or maybe you’re someone who has struggled with overeating for some time. Either way, you’re wondering how you can eat healthier while still feeling relaxed around food. The answer: Intuitive Eating! Intuitive Eating is a book […]

What is Intuitive Eating?


Join us as we explore the idea of health and wellness from a new perspective. Each episode we will discuss topics that we hope to help you improve your health, body image and fitness without obsessing on the scale or counting calories. We believe in Health at Every Size®, Intuitive Eating, and body positivity and we want to help you build the confidence to ditch the scale, and embrace your health without shaming your body.

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